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Kerric Bennett

Director, Digital Strategy

Junior Achievement Africa (JAA)

Prior to JA CareerConnect, we were incredibly proud of the impact our programs had in equipping young people with the skills and knowledge to succeed, particularly in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. However, we recognized a crucial gap in supporting our talented graduates as they transitioned into the workforce. There were three main challenges:

a.   Limited reach: We lacked an efficient and centralized platform to showcase our alumni's skills and qualifications to a wider range of potential employers. This limited the opportunities available to them.

b.   Time-consuming search process: Traditional job search methods were often cumbersome and inefficient for both our alumni and potential employers. It was difficult to find the right fit, and the search process often took an unnecessarily longtime.

c.    Difficulty identifying qualified candidates: Matching alumni with suitable job opportunities based on their specific skillsets and experience was a complex process. This made it challenging for employers to find the right talent quickly.

The platform has been instrumental in overcoming these limitations in several ways:

Enhanced reach: JA Career Connect provides a central hub for employers to access a pool of pre-vetted, qualified alumni candidates. This significantly expands the reach of our alumni and exposes them to more career possibilities.

Increased efficiency: The platform's efficient matching system significantly reduces the search time for both candidates and employers. By allowing for targeted searches and filtering based on specific criteria, the platform streamlines the entire recruitment process.

Improved candidate identification: Employers can now easily search, and filter candidates based on their skills, experience, and other relevant criteria. This ensures that they find the best possible fit for their open positions, while allowing alumni to showcase their qualifications to the most relevant employers.

Several features stand out: User-friendly interface: Both employers and alumni can easily navigate the platform and find the information they need, making it accessible for everyone. Advanced search and filtering capabilities: 

These features allow employers to efficiently identify qualified candidates based on their specific needs, saving them valuable time and resources.

Streamlined communication tools: The platform facilitates direct communication between employers and potential hires, fostering a seamless recruitment process and allowing for quicker interaction

Absolutely, without a doubt!!

Partnering with Heckerbella to develop JA Career Connect was a pivotal step in achieving this goal. This innovative platform directly connects our alumni with potential employers, creating a win-win situation for both parties. The platform's efficient matching system dramatically reduces job search time for our graduates, while also empowering communities through their valuable contributions to the workforce.

Heckerbella's dedication and flexibility throughout the project have been truly commendable. Their clear communication and commitment to shared goals have been instrumental in the success of JA Career Connect.

We believe that by prioritizing continued collaboration and clear communication, this partnership can reach even greater heights, empowering more individuals and communities in the future.

On behalf of JA, I wholeheartedly recommend Heckerbella and their exceptional work on JA Career Connect with an A+ rating.

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