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Kerric Bennett

Director, Digital Strategy

Junior Achievement Africa (JAA)

The Challenge: Prior to JA CareerConnect, JA programs equipped young people with valuable skills in entrepreneurship and financial literacy. However, a crucial gap existed in supporting their transition into the workforce. Traditional job search methods were inefficient, limiting opportunities for graduates and extending the search process for employers. Matching graduates with suitable jobs based on specific skills was a complex task.

JA CareerConnect: A Game-Changer:

This innovative platform by Heckerbella addresses these challenges head-on:

  • Enhanced Reach: A centralized hub connects pre-vetted alumni with a wider range of employers, expanding career opportunities.
  • Increased Efficiency: The platform's efficient matching system and targeted searches significantly reduce job search time for both candidates and employers.
  • Improved Candidate Identification: Employers can easily filter candidates based on skills, experience, and other criteria, ensuring they find the perfect fit.

Features for Success:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Both graduates and employers can navigate the platform with ease, making the process accessible to everyone.
  • Advanced Search & Filtering: Employers can identify qualified candidates based on specific needs, saving valuable time and resources.
  • Streamlined Communication Tools: Direct communication between employers and potential hires fosters a seamless recruitment process, allowing for quicker interaction.

A Win-Win Partnership:

JA wholeheartedly recommends Heckerbella and JA CareerConnect. Partnering with Heckerbella significantly improved job search outcomes for their graduates. This platform empowers both graduates and employers:

  • Reduced Job Search Time: Graduates find jobs faster, launching their careers effectively.
  • Empowering Communities: By connecting skilled graduates to jobs, JA CareerConnect strengthens communities.

Continued Collaboration:

JA believes in ongoing collaboration with Heckerbella to reach even greater heights. This partnership will empower even more individuals and communities in the future. JA offers an enthusiastic A+ rating for Heckerbella's exceptional work on JA CareerConnect.

Valentine Ashioma

IT Manager

FourPoints by Sheraton


FourPoints by Sheraton wanted to expand their business center offering beyond traditional services. Recognizing the changing work landscape post-pandemic, they envisioned a co-working space that catered to the needs of remote workers and flexible teams. To streamline the booking process and provide users with convenient access, they needed a user-friendly mobile application.


FourPoints by Sheraton partnered with Heckerbella to develop the Thinkspace app. The app allows users to:

Book workspace: Easily reserve space within the co-working area online.

Plan their day: Schedule work sessions and manage their time around Lagos traffic conditions.

Access "Fresh Room" features: Utilize specific amenities or areas within the co-working space.


Mr. Valentine, IT Manager at FourPoints by Sheraton, is impressed with the Thinkspace app. He highlights the app's ability to meet his high standards and achieve the hotel's co-working space vision.

Emmanuel Chukwurah

Membership Officer


1.Overall Experience: Since launching the NGCC Connect platform, how has it impacted the Nigerian German Chamber of Commerce (NGCC) and its members?

It has served as a platform for making networking easier.

2. Benefits & Functionality: What specific features and functionalities of the NGCC Connect platform have been most beneficial for NGCC members?

The feeds, and also members use this to get contact from other member companies on the platform e.g phone numbers, email etc.

3.Working with Heckerbella: Can you describe your experience working with Heckerbella as the developer for the NGCC Connect platform? Were we easy to communicate with and understand your needs?

Heckerbella has been reliable in terms of solving glitches on the application quickly.

4. During the development process, were there any challenges or obstacles encountered? How did Heckerbella work with you to overcome them? Single line text.

Yes, we encountered issues with uploading media on the feeds, however this was solved and the HB team informed NGCC on the size and type of file that can go on the feeds.

5.Did the final NGCC Connect platform meet your initial expectations in terms of functionality, user experience, and overall goals?

Yes, but there is room for upgrade.

6.Would you recommend Heckerbella to other organizations seeking to develop an online community web portal?


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